RegattaSport Dash for Cash

RegattaSport Dash for Cash

The Regatta Sport Dash for Cash is a 500m Open Mixed (4 Women & 4 Men) eight race for charity. The event is held at the end of Saturdays Dash Finals (August 3rd,2024) and is intended to be a ‘Fun’ race to celebrate a week of long, intense racing. The event cap for this event will be 14 entries. We will run up to two Finals with the fastest time of all entries declared the winner.

Registration for this event will be conducted on-line with our registrar On-line registration is currently open and registration closes Tuesday, July 16, 2024. All on-line entries will be accepted as per our Entry Policy. Participants are encouraged to register for this event on-line to guarantee entry. The first 14 entries will be accepted.

Lane draw will be posted with the Preliminary Draw and will be displayed and distributed in the Draws & Results section of this website.

Participants of the RegattaSport Dash for Cash will be responsible for their own scheduling for this event. The host committee will not accept any scheduling requests.

Winners History

  • 2023 – No Race
  • 2022 Winners – SCRC (Murray-Coplen) – Winning Time 1:20.68
  • 2021 – No Race
  • 2020 – No Race
  • 2019 Winners – Craftsbury (Hollowell) – Winning Time 1:22.69
  • 2018 Winners – Dallas United Crew – Winning Time 1:31.51
  • 2017 Winners – London Humaine Society – Winning Time 1:24.42
  • 2016 Winners – Hosmer Navey Winning Time 1:23.58 — Row America
  • 2015 Winners – Mendota-$@iL1NG Winning Time 1:25.71 – Mott Childrens Hospital
  • 2014 Winners – University of Victoria (Pitre) Winning Time 1:25.41

No Efficiency Points will be awarded for this event.

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