Henley Masters

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Welcome Henley Masters July 28, 2024

Event Entry Caps are set to 14 entries for this year’s regatta. Please note, any event with 8 or more entries will go to heats. All heats will be scheduled in the order posted in the event list. Account holders are responsible for monitoring the number of entries in each event prior to the closing of registration to determine any scheduling conflicts with their crews. According to the Scratch Policy outlined in the Rules, Regulations & Policies (regatta Packett) Scratch Fees will not be applied for any scratch prior to the registration deadline.

For Club Administrators/Account Holders who are unable to conduct names changes or scratches in the posted Regatta Office Hours, please connect with the Regatta Chair at info@henleyregatta.ca following the closing of registration. There will be an Administrative fee of $25.00 to enable the on-line payment system. Normal, fees implemented.

Note: It is the responsibility of each Account Holder to read and understand the Rules, Regulations & Policies (regatta Packett) section of this web site as changes have been applied to this year’s regatta.

It is also equally important to read and understand the changes to this year’s Registration Process. Registration information can be found here.

Waivers are required for all Henley Masters.

Progressions: The Henley Dash progression system will be used for this years regatta, heat winners advance to the final and next fastest times. Lanes will be assigned by time for the finals

Club Entries Only: In keeping with Henley tradition, Henley Masters will only be accepting Club participants. No composite entries accepted.

Umbrella Clubs: Entries submitted under registered Umbrella Clubs will be accepted. According to RCA Rules of Racing, a participant is permitted to race for only one club. Composite entries are not permitted at Henley Masters. According to Rule 6.4 A competitor may only compete for his/her Qualified Club at the regatta. A Competitor who is a member of more than one (1) Qualified Club must elect which club he/she will represent. A Competitor may only appear on the Regatta Central Eligibility Roster of one (1) Qualified Club. A Competitor who breaches this Rule may be disqualified from further participation in this Regatta, his/her crew will be scratched and his/her Qualified Club(s) may be fined, all in accordance with the provisions of 10.0 Fees, Penalties and Fines hereof.

Waitlisted Entries: As per our Wait List policy the Host Committee will make every effort to release as many Waitlisted entries/events as possible. Releasing of waitlisted entries cannot be determined until registration is closed. Registrants will be automatically notified once an entry has been moved from the waitlist to the draw.

Handicaps:  Henley Handicap System (HHS) here; RCA Rules of Racing Appendix 5 Henley Handicap System Explained.

Late Entries: All late entries will be submitted on-line. Late entry registration will open shortly after the posting of the Preliminary Draw and closes Saturday July 21, 2024 11:59pm see Entry, Refund, Wait List & Late Entry Policy;
Coxswains: coxswains are permitted to race in both Henley and Henley Masters (as a coxswain only), and all coxwains are required to weigh-in as per Rules, Regulations and Policies.

Weigh-ins: Weigh-ins for the Regatta will be located on the North end of the Neil Campbell Rowing Centre. See Rules, Regulations and Policies;

Regatta Office: Regatta Office will be located in the South end of the Neil Campbell Rowing Centre. Regatta Office will be open for Masters Only use Saturday, July 27  from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Name changes and scratches deadline is 4:00pm. The Regatta Office will then reopen Sunday, July 28  from 7:30 to 8:30 for scratches and medical name changes only. Please note that due to the introduction of the Henley Handicap System (HHS), in the event of a name change for a handicapped event entry, Sunday’s name changes will only be permitted accompanied by a medical certificate;

Masters Training: the entire 2000m course will be open for training to all active competitors July 27 from Noon to 5:00pm (dock closed 4:30pm). Masters training only July 28 from 6:00am to 7:30am (dock closes 7:00am) with all boats off the water by 7:30am. Note that yellow cards will be issued for course violations to any crews training on the course outside of these hours or training in the top 1000m (Sunday AM). Henley Masters training and racing course maps can be viewed/downloaded here;

There will be a brief Coaches Meeting prior to racing Sunday, July 28 at 7:00am.

Please visit our Daily Calendar section of the website for additional information.

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