You can find your ‘Club Eligibility Roster’ by following the instructions below:
1. Go to the ‘home’ page of your RC account
2. Look in the ‘Regatta Calendar & Entries’ box (left side of page)
3. Under ‘Royal Canadian Henley’ select ‘eligibility roster’ next to the affiliation you are racing under.
If all athletes have been added to the roster and are appearing correctly today, then you should be all set in terms of roster compliance. Detailed instructions with screen shots here.

Follow these steps to create an account an add competitors to your Roster:

  • Go to the Home tab on regattacentral.com
  • Click the 'Join' link in the header bar
    • Click the 'Select Club/Team' link and choose your country
    • Start typing the name of your Team/Club in the Team or Club field
    • Select the name from the list and click the "OK" button
    • If you team is not listed, you can add it to our database
  • Once you finish the account creation process, select the 134th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta from the Add Regatta box and click "OK"
  • Click the ‘register’ link under the regatta in your Regatta Calendar & Entries box to begin the entry submission process

If you need assistance, contact support@regattacentral.com or 614.360.2922.

We now support team-wide rosters. In years past each account holder had his/her own roster for a club, which resulted in duplicates and unnecessary data entry.

Please contact RegattaCentral if you are an authorized coach or administrator for your club and do not yet have full access to your club’s roster.

Fees for adding competitors to your roster and which are included in entries is now automated. See Section 3 in our Rules, Regulations & Policies chapter of this website.


It all depends on how many entered that event. Each event has an Entry Cap. So, if the Event has Heats>Semis>Finals, then the Heats will be held on Wednesday, Semis on the Thursday and the Finals on the Friday. Last years dates/times are a good indicator if you want to research the Results Archives.

Usually the day after entries close.

Check with your coach to confirm that your name and birthdate have been entered correctly on RCHR's Registration System. Adjustments can be made through the ‘Roster’ link.

Henley Island Grandstand is located at 61 Main St. (Latitude: 43.200268 | Longitude: -79.270514). GPS coordinates for the Henley Island Drive are: 43.19113,-79.27573