Camping and Hospitality Site Reservation is now open for 2019. Please visit our registration and payment portal to reserve.Please visit the Volunteer Services trailer located on-site upon your arrival to complete registration.

Over the past few years the demand for camping space and positions for hospitality tents has grown dramatically. Along with this we have had to provide after-hours security patrols through the camping, hospitality, boat storage and vendors areas. We wish to continue to accommodate these growing needs, however, there are costs associated. Therefore, we have adopted a policy whereby we will provide appropriate spaces for tents in the camping and hospitality areas along with the requisite security patrols.

Masters Camping, checking Saturday at Noon and check out is Monday noon $75.00 per site plus HST. Please check in at the volunteer trailer and you will be assigned your site.

The price for on Island camping for the Race Week is $300.00 per site plus HST. A site is defined as a 4 (four) person maximum occupancy. Sites will be marked and are approximately 10x20 feet in size.  Campers must check in with our volunteer services located in the site office trailer located at the backside of the main shell house prior occupying campsite. Campers must bring email confirmation to check in. Campers will be permitted to check in no earlier than 12:00 Saturday August 03 2019. On-Site Registration for camping will be closed at 20:00 Saturday August 03 2019. Campers arriving after this time will not be permitted to camp on the Island without On-Site Registration. Please note: all Race Week campers must vacate their campsites & the Island no later than 2 hours after the final race. Camping will not be permitted overnight Sunday August 11 2019.

The price for Hospitality Tenting for the week is $150.00 per site plus HST for all Hospitality Tents.  Arrangements MUST be made with the Henley Commission and all local third party tent companies regarding hospitality tent site location PRIOR to erection. There are a total of 39 spaces available that are 20x20 feet in size.


Camping Rules

  • Consumption and viewing of alcohol and/or alcoholic beverages of any kind are strictly prohibited
  • No pets are permitted on Henley Island
  • No more than two (2) tents per site
  • Four (4) person maximum occupancy per campsite (no exceptions)
  • No Campers/Trailers of any kind
  • Open fires are strictly prohibited
  • The use of small propane BBQ's are permitted on Henley Island Campsites
  • Cooking is permitted for campsite occupants ONLY
  • Campsites are for tents only, Temporary parking will be permitted for setup/breakdown of campsites only. Vehicles will be required to park in the designated Henley Island parking locations