Community Terms & Conditions of Social Media Use Guidelines

Community Terms and Conditions of Social Media Use Guidelines

This page outlines the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta (RCHR) Community Terms and Conditions of Use Guidelines, pertaining to RCHR’s official Social Media outlets. It explains RCHR’s expectations for comments, pictures, posts, live discussions, forums and other ways in which we attempt to engage participants, volunteers, and the public at large. RCHR sets clear guidelines for interacting with participants of the regatta, volunteers, and the public at large.

While we are open to ethical, thought provoking dialogue and adhere to the principles of transparency, openness and the right to freedom of speech, we do not allow members to conduct personal attacks or engage in offensive behaviour or uncivil conduct.

We reserve the right to moderate discussion and all social media actions to ensure that RCHR Community Content remains civil and professionally appropriate. Offenders may have their ability to access the RCHR website restricted or their affiliation and participation in RCHR cancelled.

To remain a member of the RCHR Social Media network and contribute to RCHR’s Social Media, you must ADHERE with all the following Terms and Conditions of use.

  1. You AGREE to abide by all Copyright laws when submitting information to the RCHR Community.
  2. You agree to use your own good judgement in making use of RCHR’s Social Media outlets. You are responsible for your own research and decisions with regards to input on RCHR’s Social Media.
  3. You agree that the RCHR Social Media outlets are directly related to RCHR in its entirety.
  4. You AGREE NOT TO USE the RCHR Community in any manner that violates the following restrictions:
    – Is defamatory, libellous, offensive, abusive, stalking, threatening, demeaning, obscene, promotes hatred, bigotry, racism, sexism, harassment, discrimination, is pornographic, indecent, profane, harmful to minors, false, misleading, constitutes spam, promotes or advocates or otherwise encourages illegal activities including activities that constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate the legal rights of other members;
    – To infringe on any intellectual property rights including copyrights, trade-marks, proprietary rights, privacy rights or any other rights of any kind whatsoever;
    – To promote commercial activities such as to conduct the sale of goods and/or services of any kind, promote charitable donations, or participation in contests of any kind whether by advertising, solicitations, links or any other forms of communications without prior written Consent of the Executive Committee of the RCHR.

If we remove Content from the RCHR Community because it breaches our Terms and Conditions you will receive an automatic message saying that the, “Content was not consistent with agreed upon Guidelines for RCHR Community use and was therefore removed.”

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