Celebrating 135 Years

Vendor Information

In order to provide a more organized and friendlier “Island Experience” for our visitors, the Henley Commission has decided to provide an 60’x40’ vendor tent. This tent will be located in the vendor area across from the Henley Island Helpers building. This will be a closed tent, with the option to open the side panels if desired. The vendor tent can be divided into a maximum of 9 stalls. There will be a 10’ wide pedestrian corridor down the middle with entrances on each end. There will be up to 4 stalls on each side, each stall having a 10’ frontage and a depth of 15’. Vendors can purchase multiple stalls in 10’ increments.

Vending fees will be calculated at $750.00 per each 10’ frontage plus HST.  Additional fees for: Hydro, WiFi, flooring, tables & chairs will be assessed at a later time.

Boat Builders’ fees have been set for $750.00 plus HST with additional fees for WiFi. The Boat Builders location has not changed from Henley 2014.

If you have questions regarding becoming a Vendor for Henley 2016 please e-mail Kristen Rogers All other questions regarding the regatta can be directed to

We want to ensure all athletes, coaches, spectators, vendors and sponsors have a great regatta week so please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.

Thanks for your participation in the 135th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, let’s hope for good weather!!!

Mailing Address:

Royal Canadian Henley Regatta
12-111 Fourth Avenue, Suite 262
St. Catharines , Ontario L2S 3P5


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 2017 Vendor's Contract & Terms





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