RegattaSport Dash for Cash

The RegattaSport Dash for Cash is a 500m Open Mixed (4 Women & 4 Men) 8 race for charity held at the end of the Saturday’s Dash Events. Entry Cap for this Event is at 7 boats. Entry forms will be located in the Regatta Office. Entry Deadline will be Noon Saturday August 12th 2017. All participants must be on a current Club Eligibility Roster. Only Complete Entries accompanied with $125 Cash plus HST (CDN) will be accepted.

Each Entry must be populated with the correct contact information for the Charity of your choice.

RegattaSport Dash for Cash Entry Form

If this event is oversubscribed, a random lottery will take place. Please visit the Regatta Office at 1:00pm Saturday August 12th 2017 for accepted entries and Lane Assignments.

2016 Winners - Hosmer Navey Winning Time 1:23.58 -- Row America

2015 Winners - Mendota-$@iL1NG Winning Time 1:25.71 - Mott Childrens Hospital

2014 Winners - University of Victoria (Pitre) Winning Time 1:25.41


Please visit the RegattaSport Vendors Tent for Prize Information. 

No Efficiency Points will be awarded for this event