List of Race Events


   ** Denotes multiple-age-category Event


Event Name


1 Womens Masters D-I Pair ** (New) W2-
2 Mens Masters  H - J Single ** M1x
3 Womens Masters  F - J Single ** W1x
4 Mens Masters  AA - D 72.5kg Double ** LM2x
5 Womens Masters  AA - D 59kg Double ** LW2x
6 Mens Masters  AA-B Cox Four ** M4+
7 Womens Masters  E Single W1x
8 Mens Masters  E Single M1x
9 Mens Masters  F - I Double ** M2x
10 Womens Masters  AA-B Cox Four ** W4+
11 Mens Masters  AA-D Quad ** M4x
12 Womens Masters  D - I Quad ** W4x
13 Mens Masters  E - I Cox Four ** M4+
14 Mens Masters  E - I 72.5kg Single ** LM1x
15 Womens Masters  C Single W1x
16 Mens Masters  C Single - Raymond Judson Memorial Trophy M1x
17 Womens Masters  AA-C Eight ** W8+
18 Mens Masters  AA - C Pair ** M2-
19 Mens Masters  F Single M1x
20 Mens Masters  AA - D 72.5kg Single ** LM1x
21 Womens Masters  AA - D 59kg Single ** LW1x
22 Womens Masters  D - I Cox Four ** W4+
23 Mens Masters  E Double M2x
24 Mens Masters  G Single - Ralph Manktelow Trophy M1x
25 Womens Masters  E - I 59kg Double ** LW2x
26 Womens Masters  AA - B Quad ** W4x
27 Mens Masters  D Cox Four M4+
28 Mens Masters  C Double M2x
29 Mens Masters  D Single M1x
30 Womens Masters  C Double W2x
31 Womens Masters  E - I 59kg Single ** LW1x
32 Mens Masters  AA - B Single ** M1x
33 Mens Masters  E - I 72.5kg Double ** LM2x
34 Womens Masters  C Cox Four W4+
35 Mens Masters  C Cox Four M4+
36 Mens Masters  D Double M2x
37 Womens Masters  AA - A Single ** W1x
38 Womens Masters  D Single W1x
39 Womens Masters AA-C Pair ** (New) W2-
40 Womens Masters  B Single W1x
41 Mens Masters  D - I Pair ** M2-
42 Mens Masters  E-I Quad ** M4x
43 Womens Masters  C Quad W4x
44 Mens Masters  AA-B Double ** M2x
45 Womens Masters  E - I Double ** W2x
46 Womens Masters  AA - B Double ** W2x
47 Womens Masters  D Double W2x
48 Womens Masters  D - I Eight ** W8+
49 Mens Masters  B - F Eight ** M8+
50 Mixed Masters  E - I Double ** Mix2x
51 Mixed Masters  D Double Mix2x
52 Mixed Masters  C Double Mix2x
53 Mixed Masters  AA - B Double ** Mix2x
54 Mixed Masters  D - I Eight ** Mix8+
55 Mixed Masters  AA - C Eight ** Mix8+
56 Mixed Masters  A -E Quad ** Mix4x

A.M. / P.M. Heats for Thursday's Finals

A.M. / P.M. Heats for Thursday & Friday's Finals

Semi-Finals for Thursday's Finals

Heats for Friday's Finals

Heats for Saturday Finals

Semi-Finals for Friday Finals

Finals 1-19

#  Trophy
1 Senior Women Single W1x Lady Henley Trophy
2 Senior Lightweight Men Double M2x Stuart H. Flemming Memorial Trophy
3 Under 19 Men Single M1x Anthony "Tony" Novotny Trophy
4 Under 23 Lightweight Women Single W1x Harold & Dorthy Cove Memorial Trophy
5 Under 23 Men Double M2x Bill & Harry Trophy
6 Under 19 Women Cox Four W4+ Kristen French Memorial Trophy
7 Under 23 Women Pair W2- (Alex) Sandy Greenhill Memorial Trophy
8 Senior Men Single M1x Jack Guest Memorial Trophy
9 Under 17 Women Double W2x St. Andrew's United Church 150th Anniversary Cup
10 Under 23 Lightweight Men Single M1x Theo Dubois Trophy
11 Senior Lightweight Women Double W2x Fred Loek Trophy
12 Under 19 Men Cox Four M4+ W.A. (Al) Ward Trophy
13 Senior Women Eight W8+ Henley Island Helpers President's Cup
14 Under 17 Men Quad M4x John H. Newman Trophy
15 Under 19 Women Single W1x Alex Wilson Trophy
16 Senior Lightweight Men Four M4- Fred Carter Memorial Trophy
17 Senior Men Pair M2- William Hamilton Merritt Trophy
18 Under 23 Lightweight Women Eight W8+ Arthur M. Sims Memorial Trophy
19 Under 17 Women Eight W8+ Algoma Central Corporation Trophy

Heats for Saturday & Sunday Finals

Semi-Finals for Saturday Finals

Finals 20-36

#  Trophy
20 Senior Lightweight Women Pair W2- Cookson Memorial Trophy
21 Under 23 Men Single M1x W.G. "Bill" Crawford Memorial Trophy
22 Under 19 Men Double M2x Ralph Jaques Memorial Trophy
23 Senior Lightweight Men Single M1x Claude (Sandy) Saunders Trophy
24 Under 23 Women Eight W8+ Geoffrey Barron Taylor Memorial Trophy
25 Senior Women Pair W2- Henley Island Helpers Prestige Award
26 Senior Men Four M4- Maurice J. Carroll Challenge Trophy
27 Senior 64 KG Men Cox Four M4+ F.F. "Ted" Nelson Trophy
28 Under 19 Women Double W2x Thorne Family Trophy
29 Under 23 Lightweight Men Four M4- G.W (Patty) Cline Trophy
30 Under 23 Lightweight Women Pair W2- Lancaster Brooks & Welch 125th Anniversary Trophy
31 Senior Lightweight Women Single W1x Sandra Kirby Perpetual Trophy
32 Under 17 Men Eight M8+ Michael J. Broderick Memorial Trophy
33 Under 23 Women Double W2x Nancy Storrs Trophy
34 Under 23 Men Eight M8+ Wyandotte Trophy
35 Senior Men Double M2x Hop Bitters Challenge Cup
36 Under 17 Women Quad W4x West Side Rowing Club Past President's Trophy

Heats for Dash Finals

Heats for Sunday Finals

Semi-Finals for Sunday's Finals

Finals 37-58, RS

#  Trophy
37 Senior Men Eight M8+ Hanlan Memorial Challenge Trophy
38 Senior Women Four W4- Eddie Durnan Memorial Trophy
39 Under 23 Men Quad M4x Captain Charles E. Hooper Memorial Trophy
40 Under 17 Women Cox Four W4+ Doc & Colena Schaab Trophy
41 Under 19 Men Pair M2- "Now Jim" Award
42 Under 23 Lightweight Women Double W2x Jack G. Berkhout Trophy
43 Under 17 Men Single M1x Mike Wilson Memorial Trophy
44 Senior Lightweight Men Pair M2- John L. Murray Memorial Trophy
45 Under 23 Lightweight Men Double M2x Thomas Croston Trophy
46 Senior Lightweight Women Four W4- Henley Island Helpers 30th Anniversary Trophy
47 Under 19 Women Pair W2- Tom McGuinness Memorial Trophy
48 Under 23 Women Quad W4x Carl "Skeeter" Dorland Trophy
49 Senior Women Double W2x Coopers & Lybrand Trophy
50 Under 23 Men Pair M2- Bennett - Hogan Award
51 Men Single Dash M1x Murphy Bros Trophy
52 Women Single Dash W1x Marie-Lyne Rochon Memorial Trophy
53 Lightweight Men Eight Dash M8+ Ralph Gifford Memorial Trophy
54 Lightweight Women Eight Dash W8+ Wendy Wiebe Trophy
55 Lightweight Men Single Dash M1x Dave Cornelius Memorial Trophy
56 Lightweight Women Single Dash W1x John H. Dorr Memorial Trophy
57 Men Eight Dash M8+ Donald F. Thom Memorial Trophy
58 Women Eight Dash W8+ Bell Canada Trophy
7PD Women AS Single Dash ASW1x  
8PD Men AS Single Dash ASM1x  
9PD Women TA Single Dash TAW1x  
10PD Men TA Single Dash TAM1x  
11PD Women LTA Double Dash LTAW2x  
12PD Men LTA Double Dash LTAM2x  
85 Dash 4 Cash - Special Event 8+ Regatta Sport Presents


#  Trophy
1P Arms and Shoulders Women Single ASW 1x No Current Trophy
2P Arms and Shoulders Men Single ASM 1x No Current Trophy
3P Trunk & Arms Men Single TAM 1x No Current Trophy
4P Trunk & Arms Women Single TAW 1x

No Current Trophy

5P Legs, Trunk & Arms Men Double LTA 2x No Current Trophy
6P Legs, Trunk & Arms Women Double LTA 2x No Current Trophy
#  Trophy
59 Under 19 Women Quad W4x Thomas G. Gannon Memorial Trophy
60 Senior Lightweight Men Quad M4x Thomas Edison Lane Perpetual Trophy
61 Championship Women Pair W2- No Current Trophy
62 Championship Men Pair M2- William J. Cotter Trophy
63 Under 19 Men Quad M4x William B.C. Burgoyne Memorial Trophy
64 Senior 64 KG Men Single M1x R.G. 'Bob' Dibble Memorial Cup
65 Senior Women Quad W4x Margaret Gare Trophy
66 Senior 52 KG Women Cox Four W4+ Ronda Henning Memorial Trophy
67 Under 17 Men Cox Four M4+ Herb Gray Trophy
68 Senior Lightweight Men Eight M8+ Joseph Wright Challenge Cup
69 Senior Lightweight Women Eight W8+ People of Port Dalhousie Trophy
70 Under 23 Men Four M4- Rodger Sellars Trophy
71 Under 23 Women Four W4- Nelles Stacey Trophy
72 Senior Men Quad M4x Charles M. Adams Memorial Trophy
73 Under 19 Men Eight M8+ St. Catharines Rowing Alumni Trophy
74 Under 17 Women Single W1x "Hutch" Trophy
75 Under 19 Women Eight W8+ Harris/Fisher Trophy
76 Senior Lightweight Women Quad W4x Silver Fox Trophy
77 Under 23 Lightweight Men Pair M2- Tyler King Memorial Trophy
78 Under 23 Women Single W1x Dr. James A. McMullen Memorial Trophy
79 Under 17 Men Double M2x Tank Trophy
80 Under 23 Lightweight Women Four W4- No Current Trophy
81 Championship Women Single W1x Muir Challenge Cup
82 Championship Men Single M1x George F. Galt Memorial Trophy
7P Legs, Trunk & Arms Mixed Coxed Four LTAM4+ Justin Fryer Trophy
83 Championship Women Eight W8+ Brock University 25th Anniversary Trophy
84 Championship Men Eight M8+ Craig Swayze Memorial Trophy


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