139th RCHR August 6th - August 13th 2023

140th RCHR July 28th - August 4th 2024

2022 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta

July 18 2022


  • Waiver Portal is now open and required for all international participants
  • 14.2 Effective July 18 2022 masking will be required in ALL indoor locations at the venue for the duration of the Royal Canadain Henley Regatta
  • Back Bay training hours are under review and will be disclosed shortly after the publishing of the Preliminary Draw
  • Water Wagon dates listed below. Please provide your own water bottle this year.




July 9 2022


Vaccination policy 14.1 has been reviewed and updated in the Rules, Regulations & Policies section of this website.

Covid-19 vaccination is no longer a requirment to participate in the 2022 Royal Canadain Henley Regatta.


Peter Scott jr
Chair, Royal Canadian Henley Regatta





June 26 2022

I would like to personally welcome everyone back to this year’s 138th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.
Although has been a difficult couple of years for all those in our rowing community, we are not only looking forward to the reunion of so many with familiar faces but, excited in hosting those who will be having their first Henley experience.


  • Registration is currently open for Henley & Henley Masters please visit insert link to register. There are no significant changes to events, event/club caps and or waitlisting registration procedures. Entry caps have increased in the Regatta Sport Dash for Cash to 28 maximum entries and we will progress thru heats.
  • Late Entry Policy has changed to a first come first serve basis. Late entries will be accepted once approved and lanes assigned. Please visit the Rules, Regulations and Policy’s chapter of our website
  • Entry Caps for all Masters Events are capped at 28.
  • Masters participants will be responsible for their own scheduling as heats will be run in order, with associated names change and scratch fees
  • Daily race schedules will be distributed for regatta operations. As usual,  daily draws will be posted on our website and Daily Calender (click date to expand)

Operations Notables:

  • Entry fees and Admission fees retain the 2019 pricing for this year
  • Shuttle bus times will change once the draw is posted
  • WiFi on the Island has been upgraded
  • 14.0 Vaccination Policy is currently under review, please check back for an update


Water Wagon Hours:

  • Tuesday August 2, 2022 between 7:30am – 5:00pm
  • Wednesday August 3, 2022 between 7:30am – 5:00pm
  • Thursday August 4, 2022 between 7:30am – 5:00pm
  • Friday August 5, 2022 between 7:30am – 5:00pm
  • Sunday August 6, 2022 between 7:30am – 5:00pm

Save the Dates:

  • 139th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta August 6th - August 13th 2023
  • 140th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta July 28th - August 4th 2024

Again, we look forward to hosting this year’s Royal Canadian Henley Regatta

Peter Scott jr
Chair, Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.





 January 1 2022


Bring in a new year!
The Royal Canadian Henley Regatta would like to welcome everyone to 2022. The new year comes with some promising news. Despite recent setbacks, the Henley Commission feels confident that we will be able to host the 138th Championships starting with Henley Masters Sunday, July 31 2022, and Henley Race Week August 2-7, 2022.
The Henley Commission will be holding our annual all-day planning and strategy meeting Saturday, January 15. Further communications will shortly follow.
Please be aware the Canada Summer Games will be held in Niagara August 6-21, 2022. With Niagara hosting over 5000 athletes, mission teams, dignitaries, officials, media and spectators, accommodations will be in high demand. For those RCHR attendees who normally stay at either Brock University or Niagara College unfortunately those accommodations are being held for the Games. We encourage you to visit the accommodations section of our website and reserve your rooms at one of the many other options. Book Accomodations, inventory now added..
Looking forward to seeing you at the 138th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta this summer!

Peter Scott jr

Regatta Chair, Royal Canadian Henley Regatta



Official Henley Merchadise

Our friends at Regatta Sport are commemorating Henley with a line of merch and training apparel. Check them out! We hope your training is going well for 2021.